The Morro Coast Audubon Society (MCAS), an affiliate of the National Audubon Society, is an outdoor-oriented group of volunteers devoting its time, energy, and resources to enjoying and protecting the environment through education, environmental monitoring, advocacy, and land management.

Field Trips:

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Sweet Springs Nature Preserve:

MCAS owns and maintains a 25-acre wildlife preserve, one of the few public open spaces remaining on the south side of Morro Bay. The preserve includes spring-fed ponds, a stream, marsh, and upland area which is haven to wintering Monarch butterflies. Several species of endangered and threatened plants and animals are protected here.
Monthly volunteer work parties are involved in restoring native plants and maintaining the preserve.

Audubon Overlook:

In addition, we own property on which we have built a view deck overlooking the estuary. This deck is open to the public for observation of birds on Morro Bay.

For an update on current chapter activities and recent bird sightings, call our local Audubon Hotline: (805)528-7182

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